2016 just started but Mercedes is already releasing 2017 models

For example, at the Detroit auto show they release the new 2017 E-Class sedan, claiming it is the most intelligent car on the planet. b298cb0f05d80d0fe42faad258ac43d57dc796fd
You can park the car by remote control via a smartphone app, for those tight spaces. It’ll communicate with other vehicles about road obstructions, also via app. You may be able to pick from 64 colors of interior lighting. And should a car accident be unavoidable, the car will emit an 85-db, high pitched sound intended to prepare your eardrums for the shock of a crash. Mercedes bolstered the auto stopping powers of the E Class. At speeds up to 43 mph, it’ll slam the brakes to avoid a crash. It can now sense not just vehicles and obstructions but pedestrians also. If the driver is trying to avoid an obstacle, the car will add steering angle to help the evasive maneuver.