2016 New Car Tech

1. Tesla Autopilot Earlier this year Tesla rolled out a new Autopilot system for its Model S electric sedan that can automatically keep the vehicle centered within a lane, manage its speed via traffic-aware cruise control and change lanes automatically at the tap of the turn signal indicator.

2. BMW Active Driving Assistant Plus The redesigned BMW 7 Series luxury sedan’s available Active Driving Assistant Plus feature can automatically help keep the car centered within a highway lane at seeds up to 130 mph and will actually prevent the driver from changing lanes if there’s another vehiclein his or her blind spot.

3. Honda LaneWatch The LaneWatch system on the 2016 Honda CR-V and HR-V crossovers and the Accord coupe and sedan provides a video view of the passenger’s side of the road whenever the right turn signal is engaged to help the driver spot pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles.

4. Ford Self-Washing Front/Rear Cameras

The 2016 Ford Edge and Explorer crossover SUVs offer 180-degree wide-angle cameras at the front and rear that help motorists see around corners when the view is otherwise obstructed from the driver’s seat; an added twist is that they incorporate automatic lens washers to keep the view clear under all climactic circumstances.

5. Cadillac Rearview Camera Mirror Coming early next year, the new Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan will offer a streaming-video rearview mirror that gives drivers a widescreen view behind the vehicle that’s unobstructed by passengers’ heads, headrests and rear window pillars. It’s claimed to improve the rearward field of vision by 300 percent, and Luddites can switch the system back into conventional mirror mode if desired.