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Nice 3.5 RE6025 Rear's 2016 new image, shows off all the angles, light and dark Perfect photos taken last month
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I am happy so far. 265/75-16 tires fit great Only a minor hiccup early on with the delivery. The lift kit shipped freight, on a semi trailer, strapped to a pallet. I was expecting it to just show up in some boxes and have the UPS fella wheel it to my front door. I got a call from the freight company wanting to schedule my pick up, however I live in a suburban neighborhood, near the end of a cul de sac, they were not too keen on driving their truck through my neighborhood, nor did I have any equipment to swiftly unload the pallet and its contents from the trailer if they had brought it to my house.

I managed to reroute the delivery to where I work, there is a loading dock and forklift at our warehouse. So be prepared when you order this to have it shipped someplace you may be able to realistically accept delivery. I installed this lift kit, and some accessories to accommodate it:RE1600 adjustable track bar, the information want you to drill a new hole to move the stock track bar over, really although, get an adjustable track bar, well worth the expense. Raybestos BH38861 and BH38862 front brake hoses, the lift kit comes with a longer rear brake hose, however the information want you to bend the front brake hard lines to accommodate the extra front brake hose length the lift requires. I favored to not bend my brake lines, and to have longer hoses instead. Those Raybestos part numbers are right and left for a Jeep YJ, are plenty long for this lift, and are a direct substitute for the XJ’s front brake hoses. This specific lift kit doesn’t come with shocks, you have to source them elsewhere. I used OEM Jeep JK shocks, they were removed from a new Sport or Sahara that got a lift kit installed before it was sold at a local Jeep dealership.

This is a great lift, not only does it give you the clearance that a stock jeep cherokee desperately needs it adds very strong parts that could otherwise bend or break. Being a Jeep/4X4 fabrication shop it says a lot that all three of my jeep cherokee’s have had rubicon express which I believe says something about Rubicon Express’s Stout and awesome looking merchandise. I give this kit five stars only because amazon does not let you give ten.

1st of all Rubicon express lift are an excellent product so let us get that clear ok so I ordered the lift from Best Parts USA and when I attempt using the U-bolts that came with this kit (Which obviously states it’ll fit a 2000 Jeep Cherokee) are for dana 35 witch isn’t what my jeep has Chrysler 8 1/4 rear end. Now that being said now I am told I have to use up more money on the correct ones Really? humorous I read it again and nowhere does it say and exemption for which Axel and your jeep has So my advice is to STAY CLEAR OF BEST PARTS USA obviously they aren’t useful. John$.