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Brothers Racing (005-2570106V) Standard Series M-2 Aluminum Canister Full Exhaust System


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Two Brothers Racing 005-2570106V features:

  • Made in the USA
  • Increased torque
  • Drop weight
  • Add horsepower
Other Info:

Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General Two 005-2570106V description
After installing this premium exhaust system, you will gain horsepower, drop weight, and add a custom look to your machine. Containing all this extra muscle is Two Brother’s premium muffler featuring trademarked V.A.L.E. connection system with X-Lite retaining ring and cast magnesium end cap. Two Brothers Racing exhaust systems have been tested in the highest forms of professional motorcycle racing and in the trenches of true competition. Unparalleled commitment to top level design, material quality and construction techniques have propelled Two Brothers Racing to the forefront of Powersports for speed enthusiasts and the motor driven workforce alike. Race use only.

005-2570106V reviews and price:

Recent Comments:

Sound (9/10):as indicated by Two Brothers Racing, this exhaust makes 100Db of sound at 3K RPMs. That looks to be rather correct in my experience. From 1K-5K RPMs the exhaust is rather throaty but not growling or overly violent (confuse in). 6500 RPMs and higher is where the heavenly whine of the inline four engine begins to shine. Words can not describe how great the bike sounds in person. To get a better understanding, watch a YouTube video or two of it. Turning it on after my install I noticed a distinct difference nearly causing me to shed tears of delight. It is deafening enough to turn heads (audible from a block or two away) above 5K RPMs, however not deafening enough to get you pulled over (knock on wood). Installation (7. 5/10):I did it myself and it took about 3-4 hours. I imagine it could have taken me about 2 if I was adequately prepared and had another hand to help me. Installation on a FZ6R requires removing your fairings, removing the two bolts attaching the exhaust to the frame, and removing the four headers directly above and in front of the radiator. Gasket rings and bolts have to be saved for the new headers. Disassembly is by far the simplest part. Attaching the new headers should take about the same amount of time as uninstalling the stock header assembly. The difficult part is installing the pipe/muffler itself. My words of wisdom:- if possible get a second set of hands to help you (ideally they have smaller hands to screw on the x-ring afterward)- invest in a good rear stand to get you more clearance to work withMaybe I overlooked it or my order was flubbed, however my exhaust didn’t come with high temp silicone as referenced in the information.

I bought this because I wanted to increase the sound and power of my Yamaha FZ6R. Since the factory exhaust is one part, aftermarket alternatives are restricted and I did not want to hack up my stock exhaust so I bought the Two Brothers. The quality of the exhaust is great. The construction of the stainless steel headers and the can are excellent. Examining the welds I found them to be flawless and I could not be happier. Installing the system was a breeze, the hardest part of my install was to get the bracket that holds up the can mounted. Had to recruit another set of hands for that (thanks Dad ). The system sounds great, deep and throaty but when you explore the upper ends of the tach it sounds great. It’s deafening although, no question but it makes me happy and has gotten lots of compliments. In general, 5 out of 5.

Great system if you want some thunder added to the Yamaha FZ6 Installation was a snap if your somewhat mechanically inclined Man what a difference this system makes in comparison to the stock system that comes with it LOVE IT on occasion I JUST START IT UP JUST TO HEAR THE SYSTEM GROWL .

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005-2570106V Racing Standard technical ratings and MSRP
  • Made in the USA
  • Add horsepower
  • Drop weight
  • Increased torque

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