Uber may have cost you an arm and a leg, how avoid it for next time

1. Arrive (and Leave) Early Ubers blog tells party goers to leave for their festivities earlybefore seven p.m. And if counting down to the new year isnt part of your NYE plan, another, less practical, tip from the company is to head home before midnight. Peak traffic hours are projected to be between 12:30 a.m. And 2:30 a.m.

2 Split the Fare Split the fare with others by using uberPOOL, which will still reduce fares 25% cheaper than uberX on New Year’s Eve. No, it’s not the quickest way to get home, but it will save you a few bucks.


3. Wait 10 Minutes

Supposedly, in a study performed earlier in the year by computer scientists at Northeastern University, surge pricing lasts less than ten minutes and frequently less than five minutes and prices are updated every five minutes . So drink some water your head will thank you the next morning and attempt again in some minutes. Or if your neighborhood is safe in the late hours, walk some blocks to see if demand is lower in a different area.

4. Use an Alternative App (Hint:lift)